The Steps To Develop A Website

Contrary to a popular belief, the coding process is not necessarily the core part of web design and development. It is true that technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML give the shape and define what we know as web today. They also define the way we interact with the websites on the Internet.

The important thing to know is what makes the crucial part of web development cycle. The stages of web development process are the main skeleton of each website ever built. Before any code writing is even possible, it all comes down to information and requirement gathering, planning to the smallest details, launching, and maintenance.

These stages are the main steps or phases of the entire web design development process. Each general website development process is more or less the same. There are around seven main steps that are necessary before any development can take place. Usually, there are five to eight steps but these seven are the most important ones.

The development process

The-development-processIn order to start coding a website, you will first need to gather all the information necessary from the client. Then, you can start planning what to do, once you know how a website should look like and what it should do. You can start the design process where you will write the website content and assemble it into a whole. The next step would be to start coding.

Once you finish the coding, the next step in line is testing the code, to see if it works properly. Sometimes, certain parts of the code can be glitchy and need rewriting. That is why you always test the code before you prepare it for launch. Once you review and launch your new and completely functional website, the last step in line is maintenance. This is nothing more but make sure that what you made functional before, stay that way.

Now, besides these seven initial steps of a website development process, there are two more things that need to fall into your consideration. These things are more concerning your client than you honestly but, they are important the same to both of you. Each web design project development requires two things, time and money. The more time it takes to build a website, the more money it will cost. This is why it’s paramount to interpret the requirements thoroughly.

Deploying your website to a web hosting company

Once your website is all ready to go, you need to host it on the internet. There are many website hosting companies to choose fromĀ  and choosing the right web hosting company can be a tricky one. You first have to decide what type of web hosting you will require for your website, and then choose from certain options such as diskspace, bandwidth, email accounts and type of storage – cloud, or cPanel.