Differentiating Website Design According To Its Layout

If you are among those people who need to have a website for their business or organization, the very first thing you need to know is what type of page layout you shall need to your website design.

But what is this page layout we are talking in here and how shall it affect the website that you are planning to develop? The page layout of the website is the composite of how shall the website will function and how it will look like. Depending on your need for your website design you can either choose between the fixed, unfixed and responsive page layout. However, it is important to know the difference between these three varieties of web page layout so that you can choose which of it is perfect for your business or organization.

You don’t have to be web techie for you to learn the differences between these three, to illuminate you on how they differ from one another here are the properties for each type of page layout:

The Fixed Page Layout

The term “fixed” that is being used to describe this type of layout particularly refers to the width and size of the page which will never change even if you will view the website design in mobile or in a desktop browser. Whatever is the size of the page layout, it will be seen just how it is.

The Unfixed Page Layout

Have you ever seen how the water or other liquid behaves with relation to its container? Any liquid that will be put in a certain container shall fit in the size of the container and the same with the unfixed page layout, no matter what the browser you will use to check it out, it will take the form of your browser. Now, you will not complain that the website is too small since unfixed page layout behaves like a liquid to its container that is why web designer also called this as liquid page layout.

The Responsive Page Layout

The responsive page layout, however, behaves just like the unfixed or liquid page layout that will fill the browser’s width or size but with some alteration on its pages. The alterations that are being referred here is the behavior of the page when you try to expand or shrink the page to a certain size that it will exponentially hide the other part of the web design or it will expand the size in response to your action.

If you are done picking which of the three should you wish for your website then you can proceed on the structure and features that you will put on your webpage. This has something to do with where you shall put your logo, header, homepage and others because in the webpage you always have options. For the features, you might like to have a payment gateway for your website, if it is a shopping site or sales funnel so that you can follow up your viewer so be prepared on how you want your website look, function and behave.